“The Trouble With Half a Moon” by Danette Vigilante


Thirteen-year-old Dellie’s family fell apart when her little brother, Louis, died. Mom is terrified that Dellie will get hurt, too, so she refuses to let her leave their apartment for anything besides school. Dellie keeps her confusion, pain and guilt inside–until six-year-old Corey and his abusive mother move into the apartment downstairs. Though Dellie knows Corey’s mother and her boyfriend are dangerous people, she can’t stop reaching out to Corey and trying to help him.

Readers will respond to the emotion Dellie feels–her worry and love for Corey, the fight she has with her best friend, Kayla, and the new romance that buds between her and Michael. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this sweet book is Dellie’s developing friendship with another new neighbor, Miss Shirley, who helps her cope with her past and learn to deal with her present.

Check this book out or put it on hold.

-Amanda Coppedge Bosky

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