“The Black Tattoo” by Sam Enthoven


You could say that “The Black Tattoo” is another of the countless good vs. evil tales where a trio of characters battle to save planet Earth from the forces of darkness. You could say that. Until you read this book.

The author’s cast of characters could be any of the teenagers attending your nearby school. Charlie, the misfit, is bored with school, doesn’t do homework, can’t get a girlfriend, hates his life and desperately wants to be like his ultra-cool, good-looking, smart and ever-popular friend. Jack, of course, is that friend. Then there’s Esme. She’s trained her whole life for this mission. It has been her total focus for as long as she can remember. Just think of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider and you’ve got the talents, skills and finesse of Esme.

The author draws the reader into this story through his integration of vividly described action scenes, fantastical settings, realistic characters, and quick pacing. As the main characters are deeply involved in surface issues, they are also dealing privately with individual issues of ethics, morality and loyalty. They must each deal with their own personal demons regarding these issues in order to be ready to accomplish the task at hand. Cleverly, the author provokes the reader’s contemplation of these issues as well.

Join Charlie, Jack and Esme as they battle inner demons, interpersonal relationship issues, and the battle of their lives. Together they must go to the very depths of hell to save planet Earth from total destruction. You won’t want to miss it!

Check this book out or put it on hold.

–Kimberly Bower

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