“Give Up the Ghost” by Megan Crewe


Ever since her sister died, Cass McKenna has been able to see Paige’s ghost — as well as other ghosts at her school and around town. The best thing about hanging out with ghosts? They won’t dump her like her so-called best friend did, and they can dig up all kinds of dirt on the jerks at Cass’s high school.

When Cass gets to know a popular boy named Tim, her perceptions about the privileged crowd begin to change. She begins to realize that, though she was bullied in the past, now she has turned into somewhat of a bully herself. Can Cass work past her own hurt and loss, stop using the ghosts’ information to blackmail people, and reach out to Tim when he needs a friend?

Author Megan Crewe visited the library in early 2011 to talk about her debut novel. This book is great for provoking discussion about the afterlife, bullying and friendship. It is also a breath of fresh air: a paranormal story that features a friendship, not a romance, between a girl and a boy. Highly recommended for reluctant readers because of the fascinating paranormal elements and the level, non-hokey exploration of topics such as bullying and peer pressure.

Check this book out or put it on hold.

–Amanda Coppedge Bosky

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