“Magic Under Glass” by Jaclyn Dolamore


Nimira is a stranger in a strange land, an exotic, foreign “trouser girl” who sings in a dance hall to earn a meager living. When sorcerer Hollin Parry hires her to sing with an automaton piano player at concerts, she sees this as her chance to move up in the world. But Hollin’s house is full of mysterious secrets, and Nimira’s place in the world seems more uncertain than ever.

Nimira discovers that the automaton piano player who accompanies her is actually a fairy imprisoned in a clockwork body. Despite their limited ability to converse, she soon falls in love with Erris, the imprisoned fairy prince. Her desire to save Erris gives her the courage to explore all of Hollin Parry’s secrets — but will she be able to survive the dangerous magic she stirs up in her exploration?

Jaclyn Dolamore’s style is irresistable — old-fashioned romance reminiscent of Jane Austen combined with fairies, magic and a unique fantasy world. This story is especially perfect for readers who want a satisfying teen romance without sexual content.

Check this book out or put it on hold.

–Amanda Coppedge Bosky

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