“Imaginary Girls” by Nova Ren Suma


Everything changed the night fourteen-year-old Chloe found London’s dead body floating in a boat in the reservoir. Until that night, Chloe’s universe orbited around the sun that was her magical older sister, Ruby. London’s death made Chloe worry about meeting a similar fate if she continued along her current path. So Chloe moved away to live a normal life with her father.

Two years later, Ruby comes to find her, to invite her back to their hometown and start over again. When Chloe comes back, Ruby is just as magnetic as ever. Chloe soon loses herself in the magical world Ruby creates where men make themselves her slaves, drowned ghosts lurk in the reservoir and London never died. Chloe struggles to understand how her sister performed this miracle but the deeper she digs, the more confused she becomes. Can Chloe and Ruby exist in this bizarre world forever — or will Ruby’s magical creation start coming apart at the seams?

This story has a strong literary voice, a haunting setting and a page-turning plot that will keep readers guessing until the last page. The relationship between the two sisters is unique and well-drawn. My favorite part of the book is its magical realism tone: it is neither paranormal nor realistic, skillfully walking a fine line between the two. This story would especially appeal to fans of psychological horror movies and video games, for its sustained creepy atmosphere and imagery.

Check out this book or put it on hold.

–Amanda Coppedge Bosky

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