“Antigoddess” by Kendare Blake


The Greek gods are living unknown among the humans. They have starting dying and must find a way to survive. Athena and Hermes have discovered from Goddess Demeter that a prophet can become a weapon against those seeking to destroy them. Meanwhile in Kincaid, New York, the woman once known as Cassandra of Troy begins having horrifying visions filled with death and violence. Can Athena and Hermes reach Cassandra before the dark images haunting her disrupt her peaceful life?

Why I picked it up: I thought the plot sounded intriguing. Also, Greek gods! Yea!

Why I finished it: I really enjoyed the book. It moved quickly and didn’t lag in any spots. The action pushed the plot forward at just the right pace. I really had to find out if Athena and Hermes would get cured.

I’d give it to: Anyone who likes strong female leads (especially for Athena), anyone who liked the Percy Jackson series, or anyone who likes mythology.

Check this book out or put it on hold.

-Natalie Martinez

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