“Just Listen” by Sarah Dessen

Just Listen

Just Listen is the story of teen model Annabel Greene, who finds her world tumbling down when she loses her best friends and realizes she doesn’t enjoy modeling anymore. Kristen and Whitney, Annabel’s two older sisters, were also models, but their lives are far from perfect. Kristen, the rebellious one, has quit modeling, and Whitney develops anorexia. Worried that her modeling career is the only thing keeping her mom going, Annabel decides to keep her feelings inside.

At the beginning of a new school year, Annabel feels lost and has nowhere to turn until she meets Owen Armstrong. Owen’s interest in music is far from normal, but Annabel feels like she can tell him the truth, something she isn’t used to doing. His personality is very different from Annabel’s. He is an open and honest person and possibly just the thing Annabel needs to help her through this tough time.

It’s interesting to see where the relationship goes. Sarah Dessen is a wonderful YA author. I also started reading one of her other novels, Dreamland, since I enjoyed this one so much. It’s a wonderful story that will leave you wanting more.

Check this book out or put it on hold.
-Azure K.

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