“Foul Trouble” by John Feinstein

Foul Trouble by Feinstein

Foul Trouble is a sports novel that focuses on high school basketball players Terrell Jamerson and Danny Wilcox. The boys are best friends and high school seniors who are being scouted to play basketball in college. Terrell one of the best high school basketball players in the country, and soon college coaches, investors, and sponsors start lining up to offer him deals with large sums of cash. Danny sees that not all of these people offering Terrell these deals are looking out for him. Some of the deals could prevent him from becoming a pro if they were discovered by the NCAA. Terrell and Danny try to avoid getting sucked into a deal that is too good to be true when they are looking to play basketball for their dream colleges.

Those who do not know much about basketball may be confused while reading this novel, as it contains many descriptions of basketball games. Basketball terminology is used heavily, such as the parts of the court, positions on the team, and certain plays.  Readers can tell that Feinstein has done his research because there is mention of real-life college coaches, players, and important figures in basketball. While there is not much of an exciting plot, Feinstein makes up for this with interesting behind-the-scenes insights into the deals offered to high school players and how they may affect the players’ future careers.  It also examines the issue of people who want to be close to you because of your talent or fame, not because of who you are as a person. This book is definitely recommended for teens who are interested in an insider’s view of the sports world.

-Check out this book or put it in hold.

-Caylee P.

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