“Noggin” by John Corey Whaley


Travis Coates is sixteen when he is diagnosed with cancer. No treatment helps slow down the cancer cells, so Travis agrees to participate in a cryogenic reanimation experiment where a group of scientists are trying to bring back people from the dead. When Travis dies, his head is removed from his body and frozen since his brain is the only area of his body that is not affected by the cancer. Five years later, Travis wakes up in a hospital alive with his head surgically attached to a different body. He instantly becomes famous for being the second person to have successfully been brought back from the dead. Travis struggles with integrating back into daily life; his best friends are now in college and his extended family is in shock which makes it harder for Travis to accept that he can’t pick up his life where he left off when he died.

This book explores the intriguing scientific concept of bringing people back to life. The book feels like a modern twist on Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein; while Travis’s reanimation is an amazing scientific feat, his family and friends have mixed reactions to his return. Most of the characters are glad that Travis came back to life, but they also struggle psychologically because it is hard for them to accept that someone they have grieved over is now back, alive. Even though Travis is gone for five years, he is still sixteen mentally and he has trouble processing that people have moved on with their lives after his death. He tries to get back together with his old girlfriend Cate multiple times, even though she moved on and is engaged to somebody else. This book shows that coming back from the dead has both positive and negative effects on friends and family members. Anybody who is interested in medical advancements and future technology should check out Noggin.

Check this book out or put it on hold.

-Caylee P.

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