“La Lìnea” by Ann Jaramillo


 The novel La Lìnea by Ann Jaramillo, tells the story of two young children who attempt to cross borders in order to improve their circumstances and join their parents in the United States. Elena and Miguel are two teenaged children who live with their grandmother in Mexico after their parents moved to the United States in order to better benefit their family’s financial and societal conditions. When Miguel receives word from his parents that he is now able to come and join them in the United States, he is delighted and anxious to come, not knowing that his younger sister Elena is planning on unexpectedly joining him on his journey. Together the two face many perilous obstacles during their travels as they try to give themselves the opportunity to improve upon their lives.

I chose to read this book since it depicts a very commonplace situation of less fortunate people fleeing to foreign countries as a means of improving their current economic and social situations, yet in a more adolescent-appropriate manner. Especially in the present political climate, being able to understand and empathize with the plight of refugees forced to leave their homes in search of solace is of vital importance. The serious and dangerous conditions the two young protagonists of the book are faced with clearly depict the suffering and risk that innocent people must endure with the hope of eventually reaching comfort and normality. I found reading this book to be very rewarding and insightful, and I would recommend it be read by people whom wish to know more intimate details of crossing the Mexico-United States border that is still an age appropriate story.

Check this book out or put it on hold

-Lisa F.

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