“The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley


Although not your typical teen read The Millionaire Next Door is a classic and a must read for anyone who hopes to achieve financial security and independence. It was written by two business professors in the 1970’s who set out to catalogue the behavior and characteristics of millionaires.  Initially they sought these “millionaires” from residents of affluent neighborhoods who drove expensive cars and had all the external trappings of wealth only to discover that mats of these people had no actual financial assets. They then looked at people with large investment capital and found that they did not live the lifestyles one normally associates with the wealthy. These were people who made reasonable income but achieved their financial success by being frugal and responsible with their money.  I read this book because I am interested in finance and in learning how to manage money once I start making it.  I found the book extremely enlightening and full of practical advice that I can actually apply to my own life. I recommend it for all teens since we are not taught in high school or even college how to manage our money well and we live in a society where the motto seems to be spend now and worry later.

Check this book out or put it on hold

-Tyler M.

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