“The Problem with Forever” by Jennifer L. Armentrout


The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout is an amazing book that takes your emotions on a wild ride. The book is based around the story of a girl name Mallory who has a past that ends up coming back to haunt her. For most of her life, Mallory was living in different foster homes, but when she was 13, a terrible incident got her out of the system. For years, Mallory had been living in the same home with another boy who was always there to protect her when she needed him. He was the biggest hero in her eyes. But then, she was adopted by a family and had to move away from her hero and hasn’t seen him since. From the scars that her past left, it was hard for Mallory to speak at all. She had been home schooled ever since she was adopted, but by the time she was a senior in high school, she thought she was ready to experience the world again. As she steps foot in the first school she has been inside for years, she sees someone way too familiar. Mallory is now forced to learn how to live with her past and with the way people change. I chose to read this book because just by reading a summary I knew it would be interesting. This book is truly fascinating and leaves you wanting to read more and more. Even through all the difficult parts of the book, the way it is written made me want to know everything going on and get through the book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in the dark truth of what life could be like in the Young Adult genre.

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-Vanessa F.



“My Heart and Other Black Holes” By Jasmine Wanga


For Aysel, nothing in her life seems worthy anymore, which is why she is contemplating taking her own life. Her mother thinks of her as a disgrace and her whole town is frightened by just the thought of her father. Along with her family life, she is constantly being mocked at school. She is fed up with her life so begins to plan for her suicide. After some research, Aysel realizes she needs someone to help her go through with her plan. This is why she goes to a website to find a “suicide partner”. Luckily, she finds the not-so-perfect perfect match. Her match, user FrozenRobot a.k.a. Roman, and Aysel begin to plan things out just the way they want them. As things start to get more serious, Aysel isn’t 100% she wants to go through with the plan. She is now left to make the decision of going through with it or convincing Roman not to. My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga is a heartbreaking take on a could-be love story. It stood out from many other books and is the perfect book for people who enjoy the darker parts in the Young Adult genre.

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-Vanessa F.

“Before I Fall” By Lauren Oliver


Samantha Kingston is a popular senior with lots of friends and a great boyfriend. She enjoys life and is constantly partying. In fact, February 12th (“Cupid Day”) is one of her favorite times of the year. That is until she dies in a car accident on “Cupid Day.” However, she doesn’t really actually die. Instead, she wakes up the next morning and the morning after that, reliving “Cupid Day” over and over again. Samantha realizes that small decision or actions can change the whole day for her. She begins to find her voice and discover who she really wants to be. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver was one of the most suspenseful books I have ever read. Although it might’ve gotten frustrating, I was determined to finish the book to see what was going to happen to Samantha. I recommend this book to anyone interested in Young Adult books with a great sense of patience. 

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-Vanessa F.

“Defending Taylor”by Miranda Kenneally


Taylor Lukens is a star soccer player, a member of the debate team, and a candidate for valedictorian at her private high school in St. Andrews, in Tennessee. Her academic success, in addition to her father’s fame as senator, makes her a great candidate to be accepted into Yale, the school her family members have attended. When Taylor is caught with her boyfriend’s Adderall pills, she takes the fall for him and hopes that her family name will save her from punishment, but she gets expelled from St. Andrews instead. Taylor now has to attend the public high school, Hundred Oaks High, for her senior years because her parents and school administrators are convinced that she has a drug addiction problem. With her chances of getting into Yale slim, Taylor starts to realize that her lifelong dream of taking over her family’s finance company is not looking as appealing as she thought. When her brother’s old friend Ezra comes back to town, Taylor starts to realize that her expulsion opened her eyes to more possibilities than just Yale.

Fans of Kenneally’s work will be familiar with the setting and characters that have been featured in her other six novels, so Defending Taylor easily fits into the small, Tennessean community that Kenneally had previously established. This novel, however, does not require any prior knowledge about the characters or the setting. Those who have read Racing Savannah, also by Kenneally, will recognize Jack and Savannah when they make a guest appearance in Defending Taylor. This story heavily stresses the importance of hard work and how dropping a name is not always the way to success. Even when Taylor is expelled and it appears like she has no chance of getting into Yale, she is still determined to correct her mistakes so the admissions officers give her a chance. A love interest is a typical feature in Kenneally’s novels, and she does not disappoint her fans in Defending Taylor. Any teenage girl who has had a crush on one of her brother’s friends will be able to relate to the way Taylor feels about her brother’s friend Ezra. While Taylor has feelings for Ezra, she is also a strong, independent young woman who can hold her own without relying on a guy. She takes a stand against the mean girl on her soccer team, and she confronts her parents about her feelings about college. Any reader who has enjoyed Kenneally’s other novels should check out Defending Taylor as their next good read.

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-Caylee P.


“Lola and the Boy Next Door” by Stephanie Perkins

Next Door

Lola and the Boy Next Door is the second companion to the highly popular Anna and the French Kiss.

Lola Nolan is her own designer, only she doesn’t believe in fashion. Lola believes in costume: sparkly wigs, rainbow skirts, and combat boots. According to Lola there is no such thing as outrageous, everything is wild and fun. Lola has a lot of great things in her life, including a cool, older rocker boyfriend that she is crazy about.

Things take a sudden turn in Lola’s life with the return of her childhood next-door neighbors, Cricket and Calliope Bell. Cricket has always been in the shadow of his figure skating sister, Calliope’s. A gifted inventor, Cricket also harbors secret feelings. Now that they have returned, Lola must face the feelings that she has been trying to forget.

I loved this book for many reasons. It’s beautifully written, and Stephanie Perkins gives us a beautiful setting in San Francisco. Lola and Cricket are both wonderful characters, and we get very welcome appearances from Anna and St. Clair. I would recommend this book to any fans of contemporary romance and any fan of Anna and the French Kiss.

Check this book out or put it on hold.

-Stephanie Rudisill