“Hidden” by Helen Frost


This fast-paced novel in verse tells both sides of the same story in very different ways. When Wren was eight years old, Darra’s father stole Wren’s mother’s minivan with Wren inside. Six years later, the two girls reunite for the first time, by chance, at Camp Oakenwood.

Frost plumbs great emotional depths as the two girls come to terms with what happened to them during Wren’s accidental kidnapping. Readers cannot help but cheer them on as they cautiously get to know each other and begin to heal old wounds that were never fully dealt with until they met. The short length of this novel, its strong characterizations and its unusual subject matter make this an excellent choice for reluctant readers. As a bonus, an author’s note reveals a hidden message inside Darra’s poems, so readers can go back and read between her lines to understand this character even better.

Check this book out or put it on hold.

-Amanda Coppedge Bosky