“The Season of You and Me” by Robin Constantine


Cassidy Emmerich discovers that her boyfriend, Gavin, was cheating on her with another girl and the last thing she wants to do is be reminded of him all summer.  Her father and stepmother own a bed and breakfast in Crest Haven, New Jersey, so Cassidy decides to spend the summer with her father’s family to escape Gavin and have a relaxing summer. In Crest Haven, she befriends a group of teenagers while working with them as a camp counselor at the local community center. She especially has a connection with Bryan Lakewood, a boy who lost the use of his legs after a tragic accident and is now confined to a wheelchair. Bryan and Cassidy team up to work on a camp scavenger hunt together and along the way they start to develop deeper feelings for each other. When Gavin shows up in Crest Haven to try to get Cassidy back, she is torn between going back to being Gavin’s girlfriend and taking a risk with Bryan and their new relationship.

Constantine uses the alternating voices of Cassidy and Bryan to share both of their perspectives which gives the reader more insight into the story than if it was told by only one of the characters. Cassidy has a hard time fitting in with all of the Crest Haven teenagers since she isn’t from the area, and teens who have moved to a different place can relate to her in that way. Bryan remains positive most of the time throughout the novel despite his condition, but he struggles with the fact that people treat him differently because he is disabled. He could be viewed as a very inspirational character to those who have overcome a challenge in their lives. This novel highlights the fact that disabled people are still human and that they should be treated the same as everyone else. Both characters have strong groups of friends and family who care about them and the theme of love and support is very prevalent in the novel. Cassidy’s family and friends do not question her judgment when she reveals that she has feelings for Bryan, and Bryan’s friends are excited that he found someone who brightens his life. Anyone who is looking for a unique and satisfying teenage love story should check out The Season of You & Me.

Check this book out or put it on hold

-Caylee P.


“We Were Liars by” E. Lockhart

we were liars
Summertime on Beechwood Island in Massachusetts has always been special for the Sinclair family. Harris Sinclair, the patriarch of the family, owns the small island near Martha’s Vineyard and built a summer house there for each of his three daughters. Cadence “Cady” Eastman, eldest grandchild of Harris and his beloved wife Tipper, has happily lived and loved every summer with her extended family on Beechwood.

Summer 15 proves to be difficult in many ways. It’s the year when everything changes. Cady’s father leaves. Tipper passes away. Cady realizes in her heart that she’s in love with Gat, her cousin Johnny’s best friend, who also spends his summers on Beechwood Island. The summer Gat tells her he loves her. But what about his girlfriend back home? Their first kiss. The summer of her “accident”, an accident she doesn’t really remember. Secrets and lies. The summer when her world comes apart.

Summer 16 is not a good one for Cady either. She is forced to go on a European vacation with her father instead of her usual summer plans. She hasn’t been in touch with any of the “Liars”, cousin Mirren, Cousin Johnny, or her Gat. None of them have written or called since her accident the previous summer. No Beechwood. No Gat. No Liars. Only brutal migraines that leave Cady in extreme pain, sometimes sleeping for days, and taking meds that the doctors prescribe but don’t actually work.

Now, it’s Summer 17, two years after her accident. She has convinced her mom to let her come back to Beechwood. Bits and pieces of Summer 15 flash back to her in between her frequent migraines. All Cady remembers about the accident was going down to the beach alone to swim and the way she was found, freezing and curled up into a ball on the shore. Something else must’ve happened. A fight maybe? She must’ve hit her head on the rocks, right? Hypothermia they said. Respiratory issues they said. But why can’t she remember? Traumatic brain injury and selective amnesia was her diagnosis, but it still made no sense. Why would Cady go alone when the three other Liars were always with her? So many questions Cady couldn’t answer. Or could she?

Lockhart does an amazing job with this story. I couldn’t put it down. Some will see the plot twist and some won’t, but it doesn’t change the intrigue and mystery surrounding Cady’s accident and the craziness in her family. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys quick reads, romance, and a good mystery.

Check this book out or put it on hold.

-Kelly Handy